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Public Relations

Team Size : 5
COST: $10, 000+

Boutique Approach
Global Reach

We manage corporate, private, and NGO clients. We use a proprietary media campaign development approach. We specialize in eco-conscious and sustainable product brand development. In fact, we are proud to be the agency of record for the United Nation Clean Oceans Initiative (ask us how you can get involved!).

Unique Methodology
Exceptional Results

Public Relations works best when it accentuates the positive and works proactively to eliminate the negative, and we use classic PR approaches to achieve this as well as a combination of state of the art technologies and business strategies that we spent years developing in concert with partners within our business group.

Crisis Management

When it hits the fan, somebody has to clean it up. We will develop an emergency response strategy, quickly, and we will move even faster to execute it. Our PR division will immediately get to work. Our Digital Marketing divisions will provide cover and massive or targeted spin. Our experts will investigate, interview, and intervene as necessary.

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