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we turn ideas into works of art.

For each project we establish and leverage current relationships with strategic partners and subsidiaries who we know will help us create massive value for your project. We make sector-overarching links to gather knowledge and to learn from each other. The way we undertake projects is based on permanently applying values that reinforce each other: socio-cultural value, experiential value, building-technical value and economic value. This methodology allows us to create unique high value deliverables for our clients within massive win-win business models.



Enjoy the quickest possible uptime for any project and avoid the overhead and HR uptime needed to launch new teams and directives. Content, 3D art, digital marketing, and development can all be outsourced with UN1T. Our global outsourcing locations include Serbia, Poland, Vietnam, Taiwan & Brazil. We work on a milestone payment system that ensures you have exceptional quality oversight throughout with a single point of contact for maximum accountability.


Offshore long term resources at one of our locations and enjoy cost savings of 50%+ on similar resources in North America or Europe. Our offshoring locations are state of the art, and include an on-site gym, indoor basketball court, meditation room, cafe, and come fully furnished and entirely serviced for your convenience. Become recession-proof and continue growing in all market conditions with these asymmetric benefits working on your behalf.


Originally a stand alone advisory, we have been serving the Canadian market for over 10 years. Consulting is no longer our primary focus however from time to time we may take on clients and projects in this area. In recent years this has taken the form of building ground up strategies for funded start up clients, producing major events, and even managing crisis PR scenarios when necessary. All of our founding partners here at UN1T first started out as clients at our advisory.

our story.

We built UN1T group through a series of mergers and acquisitions both in North America and across the world. All of our founding member firms had over a decade of experience in their area of expertise prior to joining our group. We then acquired a number of firms globally in order to ensure low price capabilities for a number of core services all growing businesses require. This ensures we can provide massive benefits and low costs for your expansion needs at every stage of the business cycle.

By combining our Manhattan-style management approach with the resource capabilities of these secondary knowledge based markets we have created a unique and proprietary methodology that has proven highly effective in the modern context. Our global system specializes in leveraging artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other emerging technologies at the highest levels to foster growth and innovation.

OUR Services


Our boutique strategy and business management approach is next to none. After perfecting the craft for over a decade we have formed UN1T to provide solutions to the most persistent challenges we see in the market today. Within the model, we help our clients save time, decrease overhead, eliminate turnover, and grow rapidly within a global framework.


Our external development capabilities allow you to integrate AI, VR, AR, and 3D directly into your overarching strategic goals and marketing plans. The world is digital, and on the cusp of becoming truly virtual. Your strategy and marketing execution should be on the cutting edge, and our integrated state of the art approach to next generation technologies ensures it will be.


Imagine everything you ever wanted in a marketing agency. Now multiply that by the power of artificial intelligence. Eliminate the headaches of HR and overhead. What do you get? A neo-meta "360" full service vendor that can bring to life just about anything you dream up. And on top of that, we know how to get millions of eyes on that very thing.


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