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Integrated Marketing

Team Size : 22
COST: $5000+

Marketing Redefined

We make your brand pop. If we perform a brand activation for you, we will put our digital advertising skills to use for you to increase your reach. If we leverage major news network coverage for you, we retarget the media through digital advertising so exponentially more people can be engaged with it. It’s not just that we do these things well on their own. It’s that we know how to use them together in a way nobody has ever done before.


Our unique methodology means that we are a bit different than our competition. We are not interested in the quantity, numbers game approach to sponsorships. We specialize in matching up the brand to the ideal sponsor, based on our deep knowledge of exactly what both sides are looking for and our longstanding relationships in the global market.

Experiential Marketing
Brand Activations

There’s something intangible and highly effective about aligning with world class brands, regardless what vertical you are in. experiential marketing at this level is an opportunity not everybody gets to leverage. Let the world know you have arrived in a major way.

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