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International Representation

Team Size : 10
COST: $5000+

Be Everywhere
At Once

Our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that we are available to take meetings for them. You can save tens of thousands of dollars in travel fees by having our experts on the ground work for you. We can learn your pitch, take your meetings, and woo your clients internationally.

Competence & Confidence
The Recipe For Success

This executive representation model helps you be in more places at once, lower costs, have an extra pair of eyes on the ground, and this is the closest thing to cloning yourself that exists on the market today. Our executive team is strategically located in North America, Europe, and Asia so that we can meet with partners on the ground quickly, and with minimal expense.

Do More
Spend Less

We know how to identify and replicate your communication and management style, best practices, pitches, and maneuvers, so you can feel 100% that the negotiation psychology that is at work for you is as close to yours as possible. Remember, before we formed UN1T, we did this for each other and saw rapid growth as a result. We know the value is there, and we want to share it with you.

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