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Be The Change!


social compact initiative.

With our planet currently in a critical state both socially and environmentally, it truly is the time to create an international platform and coalition to bring awareness to the destruction we have brought to our oceans, waterways, agriculture, atmosphere, and everything in between. Let’s unite at some of the marquee cultural and political social centres around the world, to discuss global solutions and ideas, explore common synergies between one another, and connect with like-minded visionaries who are doing their best to be better citizens of our planet... and launch thoughtful, impactful, and measurable initiatives globally.

Media Campaign


While our team has been successfully producing events in the luxury lifestyle industry for over 15 years, in 2019 we are taking things to a whole new level. From New York Fashion Week to the Grand Prix in Monaco, our presence can be felt around the world. Designed to cultivate networking opportunities at the executive level, endorse sustainability, and create truly unique and memorable experiences, our Be The Change global tour will present fashion shows, art exhibitions, brand activations, and music festivals with a focus on social impact in 10 cities globally over the next 12 months. For full calendar of events click here.

Sustainable Fashion Week Montenegro


Along with UN1T’s Be The Change initiative, we are also heading up a number of global talent tours, with fully integrated next generation experiences like the world has never seen before. VR, AR, and XR coupled with classic tour spectacles make for an experience you will never forget.

International Women of Distinction Singapore


With a fully stacked team of videographers, video editors, photographers, music producers, sound engineers, animators, and graphic artists we can get the job done like no one else on the market today. Staying true to our cross-disciplinary approach, we are able to rapidly scale your operations and execute on projects quickly and without delay. Our production facilities in both North America and Europe mean we can hop continents on your behalf, capture moments, and provide AAA production services in the most convenient way possible for our clients.

United Nations 2021 Climate Change Summit Ireland

UN1T Business Group boasts a world class integrated marketing division, and manages a number of prestigious marketing and advertising campaigns across the world for our corporate clients every single year. UN1T talent has been designed to allow our clients to choose models and influencers for their campaigns through UN1T directly, with ease, and with world class management and integration built into the process. This means our marketing division can build the campaign for you, UN1T talent can staff it, and our business management division can oversee the whole process in the most diligent way possible. Our PR team can promote the project, and our digital design division of 200 can add all the bells and whistles. Before we launched the group, our respective companies all had over 10 years experience in the market working at the highest levels in our respective fields. So you can count on our winning combination to get the job done. Visit UN1T TALENT for more information.

Media Campaign 

Massive Reach


Be The Change is designed to serve as a conduit for projects and initiatives aligned with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. A type 17 initiative, BTC has developed a platform to foster partnerships and support for sustainable development globally. With an estimated 700 million media impression campaign (through TV, print, online, influencer engagement, industry promotions, and other forms of media support in place), and an influencer reach of 30 million, this is truly our chance to have our collective voice heard around the world through various mediums, at a time when it has become critical that we speak for ourselves, with one voice, and raise truth to power. 

Sustainable Fashion Week


A type 12 SDG initiative, SFWM is focused on clean production and consumption, in order to launch, incubate, and promote initiatives focused on offsetting the damaging effects of fast fashion. Like all our events, this will be a limited attendance invite only event, targeted to engage stakeholders and thought leaders within a framework of positivity, empathy, and massive action for maximum impact.

International Women Of Distinction


International Women of Distinction Singapore: A type 5 SDG initiative, IWD is focused on gender equality and honouring the women across the world doing exceptional humanitarian work globally. This event will feature some awe inspiring next generation technologies that are now being launched to offset the risks associated with COVID-19. 

United Nations 2021 Climate Change Summit

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN’s climate body, holds an annual summit known as a COP, or Conference of the Parties, attended by national ministers and, for the key summits, heads of state. COP26 was originally scheduled to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2020. The important event had been postponed due to Covid-19 and will now take place between November 1-12, 2021. 

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