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UN1T Presents:

Be The Change Global Tour 2019

With our planet currently in a critical state environmentally, it truly is the time to create an international platform and coalition to bring awareness to the destruction we have brought to our oceans, waterways, agriculture, atmosphere, and everything in between. Let’s unite at some of the marquee cultural and political events around the world, to discuss global solutions and ideas, explore common synergies between one another, and connect with like-minded visionaries who are doing their best to be better citizens of this planet….to make sustainable change.

For the BE THE CHANGE Global Tour, we have partnered with a collective of seasoned industry leaders internationally, tourism boards and DMCs, trendy boutique hotels, upcoming/established fashion designers, corporate and lifestyle brands, international social media influencers, super talented Djs and performers,visual artists, and gorgeous state-of-the-art venues, on a ground-breaking fashion, music, film, arts, and sustainability program, and schedule of events launching in September 2019.

With an estimated 300 million media impression campaign (through TV, print, online, influencer engagement, industry promotions, and other forms of media support in place, this is our chance to have our collective voice heard around the world through various mediums.

To ensure an unforgettable experience for all those who attend our schedule of events/activations in place, as we touch down and align with large-scale gatherings worldwide. In addition to the much-anticipated Sustainability Fashion Showcase, the COP 25 – UN Climate Change Conference edition in Santiago, Chile (in partnership with www.startupfuel.vc), will also converge some of the brightest minds and innovative ideas globally, within the realm of sustainability, focusing on the devastating current issue our world currently facesclimate change. Startup candidates will have the chance to pitch their ground-breaking innovations to a panel of experts, VCs, and angel investors with the hopes of garnering financial support for their respective projects.

With each event supporting important sustainability charities, we are bringingmuch-needed awareness and funding towards the necessary initiatives in ourfocus. Through the planned events in the different markets, we plan to converge together a combined 5000 change-makers, influencers, and industry leaders within the fields of music, the arts, social impact, startup innovation, technology, finance, travel/tourism, media, MICE, film, fashion, and more.

At a super crucial time on our planet, join our movement to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world TODAY.

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